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There are multiple printing techniques that primarily cater to different needs in terms of print run, substrate, and quality output.

To better serve its target market, which generally falls into medium to high print runs, I.G.S. primarily operates through offset and digital printing.

These two types of printing can be considered complementary as they address different requirements in terms of print run, customization, execution speed, and format.

Offset lithography is more commonly used for high print runs and ensures optimal results in terms of definition, process resolution, result repeatability, and a better cost-to-print run ratio.

It is particularly suitable for printing volumes, magazines, and commercial printing.

Although a relatively recent introduction, digital printing has reached high levels of quality and is particularly well-suited for small print runs, variable data, and print customization. It is ideal for projects where the cost-to-number of copies ratio is crucial.

Regardless of the chosen printing technology, I.G.S. utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in the industry, ensuring maximum print quality and execution speed to bring our clients’ projects to life with color and form.

In addition to traditional four-color printing, we can also print dedicated Pantone colors, including metallics. Furthermore, the use of innovative substrates and finishing techniques guarantees high product recognition, thanks to a distinctive style and a unique touch.